The story of 3r wear


3R WEAR is a graphic clothing line that highlights the city of Pittsburgh while inspiring ALL who wear it.

One day back in the fall of 2014, Joe Gardonis bought a t-shirt from his favorite brand at the time. That tee highlighted the iconic architecture and landmarks of NYC in very artistic and creative fashion. Suddenly it dawn on Joe with the question that sparked the whole 3R WEAR concept: “Why can’t I do something like this with the city of Pittsburgh as the main theme?”

Creative Designer/Owner: Joe Gardonis

Creative Designer/Owner: Joe Gardonis

Joe had to wait until the following spring to have his new tees printed, but it gave him plenty of time to process what the clothing line would be all about and what it would look like. Using the trendy graphic design styles, featuring photography that highlights Pittsburgh’s beautiful attributes and inspirational captions, 3R WEAR was born with OWN IT, as its first design.

The inspirational captions and themes with 3R WEAR universally tie the localization of the line with Pittsburgh so it doesn’t take one being from Pittsburgh to enjoy the brand. We are all family no matter the location, especially when it comes to life inspiration.

3R WEAR continues to grow and expand as the Pittsburgh-based clothing industry has come to national prominence over the past decade. We look forward to you becoming part of the experience by wearing the ‘Burgh with pride like you own it!